There are not only pictures and images on sheets, the trend of using wall sculptures in decoration is growing tremendously to decorate our home and give it a unique look. Think of it this way, the possibilities in interior design that a three-dimensional figure on the wall gives are enormous.

In home decor, figurines or statues are a great way to express your style and display shapes that fit your personality.

Green fantasy wall sculpture

Wall sculpture GREEN KERKUS

Wall sculptures: a growing trend.


Sculpture is not limited to classical styles.

When you think of sculpture, the works of Rodin or Michelangelo probably come to mind. There is a whole world of different modern styles that will surprise you with the effect they create.

The famous statues of the classical period that come to mind were an isolated three-dimensional figure.

However, we will also remember the reliefs, sculpted from a background, which were part of it.

And sculptures of only the upper torso of the human figure, or only the head.

This is the concept of the wall sculptures you will see, isolating the essence and soul of the character in a bust or mask with a flat bottom to fit any vertical surface in your home.

In addition, an important point is not to feel limited by styles when using three-dimensional figures by combining them with each other and with other elements. Mixing modern with classic can be common and a great combination.

Choose a wall sculpture for your home decoration


Provide a source of inspiration where you live.

Don’t forget that adding an ornamental work gives a room its personality and a sculpture is the best way to decorate walls that need a touch of strength and prominence.

Our figures usually represent certain basic archetypes that symbolize qualities that we human beings have (for example, the wise old Indian of the tribe or a brave female explorer). Choose a sculpture according to the harmony you have with it or even what it can inspire and contribute to you.

So, for example, a particular wall sculpture can enhance qualities that you want to develop further in your personality.

Colors are key when it comes to harmonizing a figure in the decoration of your home. Don’t forget that all our works can be ordered in colors other than the ones you will see in a given piece.

Write to us and we will surely find the perfect image for you. All of them can even have their own paintable version, so that you can decorate them yourself.

The works of art that you can see in Arteologic, some of which have a more avant-garde decoration, also connect with the most classical architecture, since their richness in details and the expressiveness of the characters is something that has always attracted us aesthetically and emotionally.

Wall sculpture indian

Beautiful indoor figurines with the perfect size


The size of our wall sculptures is the most appropriate for interiors. Many are small pieces that can be used to combine with other elements in your space.

The interior of our homes is not big enough to house 2 meter high statues. So a work of medium or small format that we can also hang, is an ideal option that will not require too much space, unlike what would need a sculpture of round bulk.

The options you’ll see (and more in the case of pieces for a room where the materials don’t have to suffer the weather outside) include modern, whimsical, realistic and also fanciful works that artists have created and that you can use in your home as focal points to draw attention to yourself.

Find modern wall sculptures for your home


You can see in our store truly remarkable works that are perfect for decorating interiors with a more contemporary tone, combining with the different elements that nowadays coexist in modern homes, since as we said before the mixture of styles can be something more enriching and aesthetic than dissonant. You can try combining several of our sculptures in your living room.

They are vivid creations that seem to be coming out of the wall, and are sure to evoke sensations in the viewer.

Faun figure chewing

Where and how to place a sculpture on the wall


All our sculptures come ready to hang on the wall and being made of lightweight materials such as resin can be hung without any problem with simple anchors that do not require very deep or thick drills.

Lighting plays a key role. In the case of the figures that you will find in Arteologic, these are very rich in different textures and reliefs and can generate a very nice play of light and shadows.

Having several light sources in our room can enrich the vision of the pieces and playing with the angles of light will be key to emphasize the beauty of any sculpture. Find the best place where it can have the prominence you want to give it.

Don’t be afraid to move a piece around your home to find the best location, depending on each room the piece may be better received in one place than another depending on its color, room décor, lighting etc. Let the figure itself choose its place.