Arteologic was born from the spirit of collaboration between different artists in the field of ceramics and sculpture in other materials.

Thanks to their contribution, this portal was created to create a community and welcome artists who want to be part of it.

In an attempt to bring art closer and disseminate it, we achieve greater visibility among all of us.

If you want to publish with us, show your work or join in any way to this spirit of creating community, write to us.

The sum of efforts multiplies the results.



Lucinda Carod

I love my work. I love the clay.

Because I know that my pottery can make you live special moments while having a cup of tea or coffee in your daily life, or while enjoying a simple meal.

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Javier Romero Abrio

Graduated in Fine Arts specializing in Sculpture in 2009 from the University of Seville. Lover of technical procedures and multidisciplinarity.

Thanks to the uniqueness of each project I embark on, I consider myself an eternal learner, as each one of them requires a different development in terms of approach, techniques, materials and execution.

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Alfred Guinaroan

Sculptor, ceramist, writer

Modeling and creating from the infinity of the raw material captivated me since childhood, a few years ago now, in a small mountain village in Barcelona. My parents are not Spanish, but they fell in love with the beauty of the area and there I was lucky enough to grow up among nature.

I have been caught up in the world of sculpture and ceramic work for more than ten years now.

Art is my passion. To appreciate it and spread it is my vocation.

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Martha Little

I am a ceramic artist and psychotherapist, and I have been working with clay for 15 years.

Every piece I make has a voice… and a will of its own.

Raku is an ancient technique that combines the 5 elements: earth, air, fire and water. The pieces represent 5000 years of artistic voice.

Arantxa Municio (Ceramicaespiral)

Ceramicaespiral draws from the earth and primitive art, from the artistic manifestations of indigenous cultures so closely linked to nature and from my own experience and connection with clay and with it.

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