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The portal where the artist directly exhibits unique works.


We put our effort and enthusiasm to help you find that piece of art that connects you with the magic you need, or to make it reach someone special.

You also have articles and guides written by the artists if you want advice on creating in ceramics and other materials.

Faun sculpture


guides for artists

We offer you some of the most used articles and guides about ceramics, and about simple materials to use to get started in sculpture at home.


Polymer clay ball

Everything you need to know about this polymer clay.
Ideal to start creating your first pieces at home.
You will also be surprised to see incredible figures in this material created by very talented artists that we promote in our website.


The complete guide to this modeling paste that requires NO oven. Perfect to start creating figures.
We give you tips for its use and you will learn how to avoid the most common mistakes.
We also help you to choose the most convenient one.


Everything you need to know about the world of resin figures.
How they are made, how to paint the pieces, the four most used types of resin and their differences, and much more…, and much more!
You will see incredible finished sculptures.



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