Sculpture is one of the fine arts that works directly with real space, carving, modeling, casting, among other ways, to achieve volumes in different materials with an artistic purpose.

Its origin goes back to the very origins of mankind. The first sculptural pieces that have come down to us come from prehistoric times, from the Lower Paleolithic.

Since then, sculpture has evolved until today in different ways, but it has always been part of us as a species and has been part of that universal human language that is art.

In Arteologic we are excited to give space to contemporary works that retain all the passion and magic that evoked in our ancestors, capturing them in unique resin figures made entirely by hand.

Ethnic Sculpture



Most of the figures you see are wall sculptures.

You can browse through our collection of available artworks to find the one that inspires you the most and even choose an unpainted version to decorate according to your own inspiration.