Dark Marivuk

Dark Marivuk

This piece has been modeled in plasticine, cast in silicone and positivized in high quality acrylic resin.
It is hand finished and hand painted.
Work of the sculptor Javier Abrio.
It comes ready to hang on the wall.
Delivered with certificate of authenticity.
Free shipping.


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Know the story:

No one knows for sure how old he is. As far as I know, he has lived in the mountains forever.
My grandmother used to tell me that she first went to see the Marivuk when she was just a child, and that he was old, blind and wise even then.
In some areas of Volcano Island, I have even heard that it is immortal. I do not believe he is immortal. In fact I don't even think it's the same old man my grandmother visited. Moreover... I don't really know why I'm going to look for it if I don't believe in those things. I've been searching for 3 days and 3 nights for the said Marivuk, repeating the same words to myself over and over again, "Remember that old Marivuk has already seen it all and that's why he can't see you. But he can help you." I just hope my mother was right.

You can write to us to order your version of this wall figurine with the finish of your choice or unpainted.

Additional information

Dimensions 7 × 17 × 22 cm