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Kintsugi repair kits with gold or other materials such as silver, make it possible for you to practice this art at home, as they allow you to create an artistic piece from a broken object, with little or no initial knowledge.

This beautiful technique contains a philosophy in which breaks are accepted and extolled as scars of an object that is not to be discarded, but reborn with a new beauty, this is the spiritual meaning of Kintsugi.

In this guide, we will look at these kits, and see how they are used to repair objects properly.

kintsugi gold repair kit


Kintsugi repair kit with gold: What is it?


As you probably know, Kintsugi is a Japanese ceramic repair technique that dates back to the 15th century. It is based on joining broken pieces with a mixture of lacquer and gold dust. The philosophy behind this technique is that broken or damaged things should not be discarded, but can be repaired in a way that enhances their beauty and history.

Fortunately we have already selected the set of materials that are used to repair broken or damaged objects using this ancient technique. They include glue and gold dust or other metals, as well as special tools to apply the mixture to the objects. It is very useful if we do not want to be researching what materials need to be purchased to apply this technique and it saves us from searching for them one by one.

The glue will be applied on the broken pieces and then the gold dust is sprinkled to create a golden line that joins the broken pieces. we explain it below.

The result is a ceramic piece with unique decorative lines that highlights its history and beauty. They can be gilded or not, there are more options to choose from.

What a Kintsugi kit contains

Most of these kits include:


  • Epoxy glue (in two tubes to bind the contents into a hardening mixture)
  • Brush
  • Sticks
  • Mixing container
  • Gloves
  • Gold dust or other material of your choice.
  • Some come with instructions

This is one of the kits that we have found to be the most complete, you can also choose the size and color of the powder to apply, there are many besides gold:

buy kintsugi gold repair kit

Kit by Mora Approved

How is the Kintsugi Kit used?


It is easy to use and can be used by anyone, no matter how skilled in repairs or crafts.

We give you some steps to follow to use the kit. With them you will have some notions to know how the process works.
Many usually come with complete paper instructions.

Another option is to watch a video or take a course, for example, in Domestika there are good options to learn this technique in a simple way. You have a course here, with very good references.

The most necessary thing to perform this repair technique is not to be in a hurry, to enjoy the task, and not to have expectations about the result, remember that we are following a method of acceptance of things as they are. Kintsugi can be in itself a therapy if we manage to do it forgetting our daily problems.


Basic indications:


Clean the broken parts and make sure they are dry.

Prepare the Epoxy adhesive (put the contents of both containers together), the gold can be added at this time (consult the instructions for the proportions and drying time). It is necessary to control this time so that it does not harden before it is necessary.

Add the glue in one of the ends to be joined in the necessary amount, taking into account that when joining the pieces, the glue will overflow, we have to know if we want the result to protrude a lot or not.

Once the pieces are joined, apply the gold dust, using a small brush, paintbrush or toothpick, on the layer of glue and let it dry. Round brushes (numbers 0 to 3) and a flat brush number 6 are usually used. The kits usually come with the appropriate brush.

Polish or wipe the surface gently. This can be done with a soft cloth that will remove any gold, silver, etc., dust. That has not adhered to the glue. If necessary we can sand gently. Different sheets of sandpaper of grain 150, 300 and 600 are used, depending on the material that we have glued.

Tip: You can use some chips and putty to fill very wide cracks.

Where to buy a Kintsugi kit


Some large art and craft stores sell them. There are specific repair kits for repairing porcelain, ceramic and glass objects. Online arts and crafts stores are where the best options are. Etsy is a good option, as it is an artisan portal, Amazon and Ali Express also have them.


How much do they cost?

The price of a kintsugi repair kit varies depending on the brand and place of purchase. In general, the price ranges from €15-20 to about €50 if we need sizes for larger parts.

It is important to make sure you buy a good quality kit to get the best results.



Using this repair technique, any object can be transformed into a special work of art with an interesting story. With a minimum of practice, anyone can use a Kintsugi repair kit to transform objects, create unique pieces and tune into the philosophy of this wonderful oriental art. Patience is also necessary, the trick is that the more you practice the more you will acquire 😉

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